Born to be an Owl

As an Owl Ambassador at Temple University, I’m the one with the oversized cherry windbreaker you see leading groups of families around campus. As a Temple student, I’m the one who would still be walking around campus in cherry and white even if it wasn’t a part of my uniform.

I could say I bleed cherry, but it doesn’t make for much of a metaphor, considering all of humanity bleeds cherry.

As we begin to recruit the new class of Owl Ambassadors this month, I find it hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I was hired to share my pride for this school. My mother continually says this is the job that was made for me. I love to talk, I love to change people’s minds about the university, and I love to show it off. There’s a sign hanging in our office that reads “From diapers to polos,” accompanying numerous photos of my coworkers and I as small infants. I can honestly say we were all born for this job.

My journey to TU wasn’t an easy one. My heart was set on a small, quaint, suburban atmosphere. I wanted the quad and the lawns and the small student body. I wanted four more years of high school. Yet with my heart set on a career of writing, my dad drug me, kicking and screaming, to North Philadelphia to check out the most urban school I could possibly imagine. Walking around campus that cold, November day, my mind started to open up. Even as my little brother slept embarrassingly through each presentation, I couldn’t ignore the resources the city was offering. That Temple was offering. I brought my mom back in February for an Experience Temple Day as an admitted student and surprised myself at how eager I was to show off what I remembered to my mom. Driving back up 1-95 towards Bucks County, I called my grandmother to tell her that was it. I had decided to become an Owl, and I know I couldn’t have made a better decision for myself.

With this blog, I hope to be able to share a slice of my life as a Temple student. There’s 24,000 of us on this main campus. It’s a daunting number, I know. But the awesome thing is that you can read a blog from every single one of these 24,000 students and not one person will have the same experience. So here, you’ll catch a snippet of me.

I’m 20, I’m a journalism major, I’m a tour guide, I’m an orientation leader, I’m a Diamond Leader, I love sports, I have an insatiable sweet tooth, I’m not funny, I love wearing rainboots, I watch too much telly, I love London, and I laugh all the time.

But most importantly, I’m an Owl.


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