“Quarter Life Crisis:” Coming to a TUTV Near You

TU sophomores Lauren Pokedoff and Mike Busza are piloting TUTV’s first hour-long dramedy, “Quarter Life Crisis.”

One of my journalism classes this semester, Multimedia Storytelling, assigned us to create an audio slideshow for our first project of the semester. The theme, “Making a Difference in Philadelphia,” could be interpreted in many different ways. My classmates chose to cover the Ed Snider Foundation, a homeless newspaper, a local animal shelter, and a farmer’s market. I chose to spotlights two TU sophomores and their endeavors to create Temple University Television’s first hour-long dramedy show.

The Lew Klein Excellence in Media Scholarship awarded Temple sophomore Mike Busza a scholarship and Mike, with classmate Lauren Pokedoff, began to pilot their own show, Quarter Life Crisis, for TUTV, the university’s local cable channel. With over 200 likes on their Facebook page and over 450 followers on Twitter, QLC is poised to truly make a difference not just on the Temple community, but the city of Philadelphia.

Tonight, I had the chance to interview both Lauren and Mike and have a chat about their new show. Both were great sports and were exceptionally passionate to talk about the experiential learning that their show portrays and how they’re both overcoming their own quarter life crises by finding their path. We also had a fun photoshoot afterwards, and I really look forward to piecing this interview into a comprehensive story. I’m really finding out that storytelling is a huge component of journalism, and letting Mike and Lauren tell the story in their own words will be quite a change from my usual ways as a wordsmith.

Check back soon for the finished audio slideshow!


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