Who Will Don the Red Polo Next?

Thankfully, Kimmie remembered to take a picture. I forgot.

Tonight, the Owl Ambassadors hosted the second of two Meet the Owls sessions. With 261 applications to join the Owl Ambassadors this year, we knew we were getting the best of the best, and hoped they were as excited to meet us as we were to meet them. The sessions were group interviews dedicated to making a memorable first impression. After introductions and a group activity, select candidates will be asked to return for an individual interview and then invited to attend an Experience Temple Day, an event for admitted students to experience the university.

For the first time, I was on the other side of the selection process. Going in, I felt as nervous as I did a year ago, knowing that in our hands was selecting the next group of Owls. I remember walking into the Welcome Center for the first time as an official applicant, and telling the group with feigned confidence that I lived in Texas for nearly ten years, but didn’t have an accent because my mother put me in time-out for saying words like “y’all.” I remember getting laughs from the room and easing up a little bit but can’t remember much else from the night, I was so nervous. I knew this was the job for me, but I was so concerned with showing the current Owls that I was right for the job.

Adrianne, our boss, told us at our meeting beforehand that we weren’t just choosing the next Temple tour guides, the next people to proudly wear the red polo, we were choosing people to join our team. I scribbled that mantra at the top of my paper so as to not lose sight of the end goal.

Selecting the next class of Owls was different than I had imagined it to be. At times, I was giddy with the idea that I would no longer be the “Omelette,” the baby Owl. But at times, I felt selfish, with impossible, sky-high standards of who would join our family. We’re quirky, but cohesive, and I was afraid to disrupt that dynamic. I thought it would be less stressful this time around, but I found myself trying to absorb every detail, every personality, every face, every name.

Through the whole process, I’m cognizant of what I’ve gone through in my first year and cognizant of the fact that this family is a wide and diverse one. The process might be strenuous and different than I could have every imagined, but it’ll be worth it when we get to welcome ten more passionate people to our crew and hand over those red polos and cherry windbreakers and show them what being a Temple Owl is really all about.


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