Diamond Leader Spring Summit

The TU Diamond Leaders after our 2012 Spring Summit with our signature pose.

“Life is too short to do the things you suck at.” This is the mantra we begin nearly every Diamond Leader Summit with, and today was no exception. One of the hidden gems on TU’s campus is the Diamond Leaders, a group of some of the Temple’s best with a core mission to learn more about leadership and impact their community.

After rolling out of bed quite early, I put on the kettle and made myself a cuppa tea before settling in to watch the first half of the Arsenal footy match, live from London. At halftime, my roommate, Kate, and I, along with 15 of our fellow Diamond Leaders headed over to the Student Center by 9am for our second summit of the year.

By happenstance, I joined the DLs my freshman year and never looked back. We’ve gone on service immersion trips to Camden, hosted leadership movie nights, facilitated conferences, gone on intensive retreats, and bonded over a collective mission to improve our own leadership abilities. This weekend was our spring summit and after four months away from campus, I was excited to catch up on the progress of our organization.

Our “honorary DL” Joe Urbanski of Collegiate Empowerment has been our leadership adviser, helping to keep our organization innovative and on track. Every event I attend, I find myself learning more about my personal leadership style, how to work well with others, what makes an effective group, and how to better myself in multiple facets of my life.

Today, our summit focused on understanding how our individual personalities and leadership styles contribute to the group and we discussed where we see the future taking us as an organization and as individuals. Even with a slight disruption and change in lunch plans for a fire drill, we still had a ton of revelations that we each bring back to our respective student orgs to improve them, the DLs, and ourselves.

At times, it’s difficult to explain to people exactly what a Diamond Leader is. Becoming a DL was my first real step onto campus, and has helped define my Temple experience. I owe so much of my confidence on campus to becoming a Diamond Leader. The best way to define a Diamond Leader? It’s like fireworks. I could try to explain it to you, but you’d have to experience it to understand.

If you’re interested in becoming a DL, apply here. Applications are due to the Office of Leadership Development by 30 March 2012.


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