Multimedia Storytelling Audio Slideshow

Today, our first project was due in Multimedia Storytelling, an audio slideshow about “Making a Difference in Philadelphia.” I profiled two Temple sophomores on a quest to create their own scripted show for TUTV, “Quarter Life Crisis.”

With 28min of tape to sift through, I was able to cut it down to the essential two and a half minutes that I felt would convey Mike and Lauren’s message. As I sat down in the video editing lab of the TECH Center, I realized I hadn’t worked in Final Cut Pro since last spring, but was relieved that everything came back to me fairly quickly. After editing the audio, I added the still photos, which I converted to black and white with the hopes that the audio might be a bit more striking without the emphasis on the vibrant colors.

When it was time to export my project, I was only getting the video and not the both video and audio to save, so I consulted the experts at the Help Desk in the TECH Center. The incredibly knowledgable staff helped me fix the problem, and less than half an hour later, we exported the project as the full file I wanted, much to my relief. Technology may not be my forte, but I’m determined to learn as best I can to push the journalism I’m passionate about on multiple platforms.

The audio slideshow was a new type of journalism I had not experimented with. It allowed me to step aside and allow Mike and Lauren to tell their story, injecting my thoughts through the crafting of their tale. I’m used to using my words to tell the story, and letting someone else take the reins was a bit daunting. But I think the final product is something that told the story of “Quarter Life Crisis” from a unique point of view, something I wouldn’t have instinctively done.


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