Latin Masquerade Night

¡Muy delicioso! Hispanic food at Free Food Fun Friday!

Tonight was the Latin Masquerade Night at Free Food Fun Fridays in the Student Center. Every Friday from 10pm to 1am, a different organization hosts what we at TU have dubbed FFFF–free food and fun on Fridays–or what Rachel mixes up as “free fun and food on Fridays.” I mean, don’t get me wrong, the fun’s definitely free, too.

Latin Masquerade Night kicked off with an assortment of Hispanic foods. I tasted the rice, beans, and potato salad, and Rachel tried both the beef and chicken. The music pumped through the atrium, and after taking my Spanish class already today, the cultural music seemed as normal as if I had put in my iPod to the Arctic Monkeys. As dessert, Rachel and her friend, Dominique, indulged in snow-cones as we watched Esencia Latina, the Latin dance group on campus, perform.

During a group salsa lesson, Rachel, already a pro at salsa dancing, attempted to teach my uncoordinated self the moves. I don’t have much balance or poise to begin with, and the bulky wellies on my feet to weather the snow didn’t help, but I had a good laugh putting my own original spin on the salsa. We had so much fun, laughing at my inability to master the moves. I don’t think Esencia Latina’s going to ask me to join them anytime soon, but I certainly burned the calories barreled over laughing. Rachel and I salsa-ed on the sidewalks the whole way home through the sleet and snow, much to the confusion of passers-by.

FFFF is a staple here at TU, and with so many diverse themes, it’s always a great time. Next week will be “Explore Africa Night” as the community celebrates Black History Month, and you can bet we’ll be heading over to check it out. So many people come out together each night that the weekly event really has become a collective of Temple’s diverse campus.


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