The magnets on my fridge absolutely reflect the day. Happy Valentine’s Day, Owls.

Valentine’s Day isn’t really my holiday. It’s usually during the week, I usually have school, and the small gifts from my mom make it a slightly extraordinary day. It’s more a time for me to eat cute, pink Tastykakes and reflect on how my exceptionally busy, fictitious boyfriends left me for the day (this year, I’ve chosen Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, Leo DiCaprio, and Juan Fernandez, of course, to name a few).

But this year, after a long day of class, I walked to the Owl Office expecting to exchange Valentine’s sentiments with my fellow tour guides, cut meal passes, and greet perspective families at the front desk. Instead, I heard there were two notable visitors earlier this morning. An alumni couple from Maryland returned to our North Philly campus with their young baby in tow. The couple had met here as students and wanted to spend Valentine’s Day taking a tour of the place where they fell in love so many years ago.

With only one semester left here, I can’t predict the future, and I can’t tell you if my future husband will be a fellow Temple Owl. But I can tell you that the anecdote beat out any Google doodle. My bosses, Adrianne and Niki, are always swooning over Owl love stories, and it’s easy to see why. The alumni’s story was precious, especially on a day like today. They decided to spend their holiday with us, celebrating at the place they associate so much with their love, our campus, our home.

I may not have had the chance to meet them, and I may still have had to cut those meal passes, but it forced me to…well…stop and smell the roses.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Owls.


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