Golf Monthly: the UK’s #1 Golf Mag

My coworkers tweeted this pic from London, celebrating at GM Towers after being named the UK’s bestselling golf magazine!

It’s cliché. Especially for my generation. But the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is reach over for my glasses and then my iPhone, both resting on the nightstand. I check email. I check Twitter. I check Facebook. I check WordPress. And then, maybe, if I remember, I’ll check the weather. I may have only gotten six, maybe seven, hours of sleep, but the feeling of being unplugged from the world, for even that short amount of time, means I could have missed something. As a journalist, I can’t miss anything.

I studied abroad in London, England, last semester and while it was easily the best four months of my life, I owe a big chunk of that success not to my studies or to my travel, but to Golf Monthly. I know, you’re thinking, she moves to England and is thanking a golf magazine? Temple gave me an opportunity rare for a study abroad experience; I had an internship in London with GM. I requested sports journalism and I was thrust head-first into one of the few sports I knew little about: golf. My dad, a golf enthusiast, was thrilled, and so when my first assignment came up where I was asked to write about the differences between golf in the US and the UK, I took the opportunity to mock my dad.

Much to my surprise, I learned quite a bit about the sport, quite a bit about magazine journalism, and made some incredible friends on staff. I might even intentionally put golf on my TV on Sunday mornings, now. It was the most incredible experience. While I was wary of writing for a golf magazine at first, it turned into the best experience I could have possibly had in England, and I definitely miss them terribly. Five hours behind them now, the first thing I read in the morning is usually my coworkers’ tweets and Facebook updates.

This morning, as I glanced over Twitter, I saw Golf Monthly publish some exciting news: already Britain’s oldest and most widely-read golf magazine, it is now officially the #1-selling golf magazine in the country, too. I was pretty excited for them and I know firsthand how hard they worked to achieve that title. It’s very well-deserved. After I retweeted them, the first thing I did was text my mom, who was quick to tell me that I helped make that for nearly four months. It’s a wonderful feeling; I had the privilege of interning with Britain’s best golf magazine. I’ve known it for a while, but now everyone else does, too.

Cheers, guys! So proud!


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