The Tour Guides Try Intramural Hockey

Presenting…the 2012 Owl Ambassador Intramural Floor Hockey team!

During winter break, while a bunch of Owls were working giving tour, I remember sitting at the front desk of the Welcome Center with Vinnie, who turned to me and said something to the effect of, “We should start a club sports team of all Owl Ambassadors!” A whole team of tour guides? We’d be the laughing stock of the intramural league, but we’d be the ones doing all the laughing. I was so in.

Things quickly spun out of control. We called Campus Rec who gave us the list of co-ed sports for the semester and set up a Facebook poll to vote on the sport we should play. The decision was floor hockey. Let’s just say the Mighty Ducks metaphors haven’t stopped for a few weeks now. A Facebook group was created, names were devised, and trash-talking ensued. The Owl Ambassadors meant business.

Last night was our first game and I was definitely excited. I put down studying for a major Spanish presentation to walk to Pearson-McGonigle Hall. Kevin and I asked the rugby team for directions and eventually found Gym 100. We were taken aback by the other team, the reigning intramural champions, already arrived, in matching uniforms. We put on eye black and laughed as our warm-up shots went terribly wide.

Running is not my thing. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t think it hit me until I stepped onto the court that I’d actually have to run to play floor hockey. And so on the first play, I bit it hard, tripping over my own feet, garnering two huge welts on my knees. Thankfully, my feet decided to behave enough to conveniently get in the way of the other team’s shots every once in a while. We didn’t have a star player or a ball-hog. Each of us contributed what we could and tried our best, while having a blast.

While the other team had timed substitutions, we cheered each other on, and definitely were having the better time. Early in the third period, the score was 8-0 and the refs called a mercy rule. Andrew, one of the captains for the other team, asked if we would want to keep playing. With nearly six minutes left, we were more than eager to keep going. As the final horn sounded, we shook hands with the other team, hugged each other, and posed for a team picture.

It was my first intramural game ever, and even though we lost 8-0 on a mercy rule, I walked out of Pearson-McGonigle feeling like we won. Because we played hard, we laughed, and we had a good time. Even Vin’s postgame speech as we walked home as team through the drizzling rain felt like a winning captain’s speech. The tour guides are definitely not be the best hockey players TU’s ever seen, but we’re the loudest and proudest, and we’re definitely enjoying it.

We haven’t decided on a team name yet (I’m pretty sure it’s down to the Tour de Force, the Tourpedos, the Tourtellini, and the Tournados…), but we get to talk about surviving the hockey intramural league firsthand on tour, now. The best part might be that we get to pretend we’re the Mighty Ducks for an hour or so, laugh really hard with some of our best friends at our lack of athletic ability, and, at the end of the season, regardless, we still make the playoffs. Stay tuned for our next game in March!


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