Explore Africa Night

The FFFF crew (minus Jorge!) at Explore Africa Night.

Today was hectic. After floor hockey last night, I had to prepare for a major Spanish presentation which required me to speak for ten minutes alone in front of the class about fútbol en Español. With the presentation finally behind me, I gave tour to our 108 afternoon visitors getting an early start on Monday’s holiday. (What holiday it is, I couldn’t tell you. Maybe President’s Day? Is that coming up? All I know is I still have class, so it doesn’t really count as a holiday…)

I was definitely in need of some fun stress-relief after a long week, so at 9:45, I met up with Rachel and we walked across Broad Street to the Student Center for our third Free Food Fun Friday outing of the semester. The theme tonight was “The African Takeover,” run by OAS, the Organization of African Students. Our first meal of the evening was African food and after we ate, we explored the various activities in the atrium. Our group inevitably ended on the photo booth, and we took advantage of the lack of line by taking multiple photos.

I even got to catch up with my neighbor from across the hall last year, Alvin, a member of the OAS, and we talked Sixers’ basketball and the NBA for quite a while before he was called on to join the Family Feud game. We were much too busy at the photo booth for the 11pm meal, more hoagies, and so we jumped at the midnight meal, pizza from City View! The African dance, henna tattoos, and Family Feud were enough to keep us occupied for quite a while! Emily was pulled up on stage to learn an African dance, and, quickly, Rachel and I were subsequently pulled up, as well. I’m certainly not the world’s most coordinated, and my friends would rather me not attempt to dance, but between last week’s salsa dancing and this week’s African dances, I’m learning quickly!

Next week, Her Campus is sponsoring our theme of “Pamper Me Pretty,” to lead us into spring break! It’s coming right around the corner! With the tipoff of the basketball game not until 2pm Saturday, we stayed until 1am, enjoying the midnight meal and the last of the African dance. Regardless of the theme, FFFF always gives us a good laugh and we’ve got so many pictures to prove it this time around!


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