Let’s Make It #Hawkward. Again.

My computer screen right now. Watching the Owls and following them on Twitter. It’s dedication. I love this team.

It’s halftime at Hagan Arena. As much as I wish I were there right now, I’m not. With our first Experience Temple Day bright and early tomorrow morning, I’m at home, in my Flyers snuggie, watching the Owls on my computer. And screaming. And shouting. And hitting things. But not yet pacing.

At a Big Five game, anything can happen. I ran into a friend while picking up dinner tonight, and he said how confident we should be because it’s St. Joe’s and they haven’t been having the best year. That’s true. But it’s the Big Five. And anything can happen.

It’s St. Joe’s, which automatically makes it one of the biggest games of the year. The student sections are out in full force, the rollout posters have commenced, and emotions are running high. But it’s the Big Five, it’s Philadelphia, it’s expected. Coach Dunphy says there’s one word to describe the typical Philadelphian: passionate. The Big Five is no different; the Big Five is the epitome of that.

So right now, Twitter’s pulled up in one window and ESPN3 in the other. My hands are constantly on my iPhone, texting my mom, who’s watching them almost as diligently as I am these days. There’s a lot on the line tonight. If we win, we claim the Big Five title and at least a share of the A-10 title. If we lose, we have to share that Big Five title with Joe’s.

The Owls came out slow, and we quickly fell behind by as much as 12. But now, early in the second half, we’ve got the lead, and it just shows the resilience of these Owls. The chants in the stands are becoming a convoluted mess as both student sections are going at it in the 4,000-seat arena. The TU fouls are piling up, the Hawks are having trouble penetrating the paint, and it won’t be long before my snuggie becomes too constricting, and I’ll start pacing.

I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow. And I know I should go to bed pretty early. I still have to lay out my khakis and sneakers, hats and gloves. I have to get a full night’s sleep. But Temple basketball’s on. And when the Owls are on, there can only be one priority. And that priority isn’t homework or eating or laying out my clothes. It’s the Owls. Hands down, it’s the Owls. So I’m screaming and shouting and hitting things. And give me a few minutes. Pretty soon, I’ll start pacing, too.

Go Owls, beat Joe’s!


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