Multimedia Storytelling: Tutoring at KIPP

Thursday after dinner, I had the opportunity to interview Aisha Folkes and Laura Hiddlemen, two Temple University students who are certainly making a difference in Philadelphia as mentors at North Philadelphia charter school, KIPP, for my Multimedia Storytelling class.

Editing this project was a bit stressful, as I learned that my 16G flash drive wouldn’t hold all the files I needed on Thursday. Thankfully, I was able to store them at the TECH Center until this morning, and learned that, as a journalism major, it’s time to invest in an external hard drive. I arrived at the TECH as the doors opened this morning, ready to sit down and edit the project. Faster I could edit it together in Final Cut Pro, the faster I could get home and start pacing before the basketball game against St. Joe’s tonight at 7.

Working with video is much different than the audio slideshow I completed a few weeks ago. Everything in the process is different, especially the technicalities of the editing. What I really enjoyed is that with the video package, the audience can really see the passion in Aisha and Laura’s faces as they talk about their work at KIPP. I feel more comfortable telling a story with my words, but I have been enjoying the challenge of letting others tell their story in Multimedia Storytelling this semester.


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