Spring Break

Herbie enjoys taking a nap curled up on my lap while we’re home on spring break.

Eight weeks into the semester, and I’d say I’m pretty well beat. It’s been a busy one and I was definitely ready for a break. So on Thursday night, I packed up my things, and Friday after work, my mom picked me up to take me back to Bucks County.

For most college students, spring break means a few days at home, relaxing, and the most popular pictures uploaded to Facebook and Twitter aren’t the far-off places they’re travelling to, but the dogs they’ve missed so much at home. I’m no exception. My dog, Herbie, loves to soak up the sun and curl up next to us on a fleece blanket. As long as you’re willing to pet him, he’ll stay close by.

Saturday morning, my first to sleep in, I woke up at 7:20am to watch Arsenal play Liverpool. I’m not sure how well chocolate-chip pancakes, a cup of tea, and footy go together, but it worked out well for the Gunners, as they won 2-1. My mom teased me for wearing my Arsenal scarf with pajamas so early in the morning, and the dog was quite confused when I started singing Robin van Persie’s goal chants.

Sunday, my mom, sister, and I went to the mall so my sister could pick out a suit for her interview at an architecture firm this week and we enjoyed waiting around for the stores to open with the mall-walkers. My fashion sense has known to be severely lacking for as long as I can remember, so mostly I get brought along for the entertainment. I just enjoy the samples available when we stop at Sam’s Club. You’d think my sister and I had never have eaten food before, the way we devour them.

Spring break so far has involved sitting around, reading books, exploring the wonder that is HD television, walking the dog, and constantly charging my iPhone from all the pictures I’ve been taking of my dog. One of my best friends, Jessica, who is studying abroad in Germany for the full year, doesn’t have a dog of her own at home and has pretty much adopted mine (I think he likes her better than he likes me), so I’ve constantly been taking pictures of Herbie to send her. At least that’s my excuse. Truth is, I’ve really just missed my puppy.

Later this week won’t be so much of a break, and I’m really looking forward to jumping back into school head-first and then finishing out the semester strong. But you’ll have to check back to read about my big spring break plans! Things are really going to start picking up, so I’m enjoying the calmness while I can!


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