Hanging on Beury Beach

My friends, Rachel and Ryan, were having a blast with the warm weather, hanging on Beury Beach this morning near the Bell Tower.

We’re close to the Jersey Shore. But we’re not that close. So in true Temple tradition, with the advent of nice weather, the Owls flock to the green space on campus near the Bell Tower, an area affectionately named Beury Beach after the building behind it, Beury Hall.

Today was no different. With a high near 75, and the sun peeking through, I hardly needed the windbreaker I had grabbed earlier in the morning. After my first class, Introduction to Magazines, I have an hour and a half break. Typically, I meet my friend, Rachel, and we walk together to a cafe in Tuttleman Learning Center, where I sit and study, and she then walks to work. But today, Jimmy Johns was handing out free hoagies, so we decided to sit out on the lawn and soak up the sun.

It was so wonderful to catch up with her after spring break, and the marvelous weather was definitely making the day wonderful! As we sat there, eating our hoagies and catching up, we spied our friend, Ryan, an Owl Team Leader with us this past summer. The three of us enjoyed talking about the Owls’ brief sprint in AC this past weekend and the upcoming NCAA Tournament game on Friday. As if on cue, Aleks and Chynna, two other OTLs came over, and we all got to chat, which was nice.

Unfortunately, as my brief break came to an end, I walked to Tuttleman for Multimedia Storytelling, my second class of the day. Beury Beach is definitely one of the social hubs on campus, and when the weather heats up, it’s crowded as all get out. Students eating lunch, reading a book, playing frisbee, doing homework, or just relaxing, the Beach is a bit of fresh air in the middle of the city. It’s the perfect spot on campus to catch some sun, and now that it’s warmer out, I have a feeling we’ll be there a lot.


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