A Break from the Basketball

March Madness didn’t rub any of its magic off on the tour guides’ hockey team…but we still had a blast!

Don’t get me wrong. If you knew how many college basketball games I’ve watched this month, you’d know it’s pretty much been everything. And the only conversation you’ll hear on campus is about tomorrow night’s matchup with USF. But tonight, the Owl Ambassadors took a break from all the Madness to play our second intramural hockey game of the season.

After playing last year’s champions before spring break, we thought we were in the clear. But boy, were we wrong. We started off strong, holding the other team to three goals in the first period. Early in the third period, we hit that magical 8-0 score, and were once again subject to the mercy rule. Tirzah and Maggie took off to finish some homework, so Vinnie, Rend, Kevin, and I kept playing with the addition of one of our refs (who I think felt bad for us and really just wanted to play), and we had a great time finishing out the third period.

My highlight of the night? I scored our only goal of the season thus far! Of course, it was well after we were mercy-ed out and the real hockey players on the other team were just using us for target practice, but I scored! I was quite excited, and being the only girl on the court, felt quite accomplished.

I think my favorite parts of the game are when we walk out of Pearson-McGonigle Hall as a team, still laughing about the lack of skill we have inside. We’re great tour guides; we’re not the best hockey players. But we love playing, and we’re getting better! It’s just a fun hour and we certainly laugh more than the other teams and don’t take ourselves seriously.

So tonight, I’ll celebrate the loss with a little studying (and some more basketball, of course) and then tomorrow, I’ll be a nervous wreck for the big game. If you’re looking for me on campus tomorrow, I’ll be the one wearing all Owls gear, wringing my hands, with a furrowed brow, quite nervous. With 22 hours to go until tip-off, we’re all just willing on TU from here on North Broad!!


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