Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Rachel enjoyed the boys having to walk a mile in her shoes…she even got a lift!

With the break in my classes on Tuesday and Thursdays, I usually try to take advantage of the nice weather and sit out on Beury Beach with my friends. But today, Rachel had a different plan in mind. She told me that today was an event in Founder’s Garden I wouldn’t want to miss.

Today was HEART‘s “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event, and we walked into Founder’s Garden to see our guy friends decked out in matching shirts and high heels. The object was to, as the name suggests, walk a mile in a pair of high heels to raise awareness for sexual assault and gender violence on campus.

David Lopez, a fellow tour guide who is currently running for student body president under the TAP campaign, was excited to show off his red heels. Kyle Lawrence, our boss in the Office of Orientation, added to his height with his pair and was eager to show them off. Chris, an Owl Team Leader, was allowed to wear decorated white flip flops because of his ankle injuries, but he still enjoyed watching all the commotion. They all asked Rachel and I for advice, which we couldn’t give, and we realized trying to teach someone to walk in heels wasn’t an easy task.

In perhaps the funniest moment of the day, Dave got extremely scared when a pebble appeared in his walking path. “This is not okay! This is like a boulder to me right now!” Dave and fellow tour guide Mike, who were both walking in heels, didn’t appreciate my suggestion that they should give tour in heels. Today, the guys definitely learned what it was like to walk in our shoes!

Football players, fraternities, student government representatives, faculty, staff, and regular guys all came out to don heels and support the cause. In their mile loop around the campus, they definitely made a statement and people around the streets whipped out camera phones to watch the spectacle.

But their message was definitely loud and clear and the event was a huge success. HEART definitely captured the attention of the campus this afternoon, which isn’t always easy to do on a campus of 24,000 undergrads.


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