Healthy Mind and Living Night

My sister, Meghan, and her friend, Emily, pick the seeds out of their mouth after getting smoothies at Free Food Fun Friday last night.

With the end of a busy week coming to an end, the kick-off to our weekend here at Temple is typically an outing to Free Food Fun Friday. But with a term paper due Monday in the Global Economy and two admissions events this weekend, FFFF was looking like a wash-out.

Thankfully, Rachel convinced me to join her at the Student National Medical Association’s Healthy Mind and Living Night in the Student Center. We were treated to hummous and pita chips, rice, grilled asparagus, and healthy cookies for our first meal. Personally, as a self-admitted cookie monster (I was awarded the “Cookie Monster” award on the Owl Team this summer for my voracious appetite when it comes to sweets), I was definitely not a fan of the healthy cookies. They fooled me at first with the chocolate chips dotting them, but once I took a bite, I gave up.

My sister, Meghan, and her friends, Emily and Emily, joined us at the Student Center after seeing 21 Jump Street at the Pearl, our movie theater just off campus. We enjoyed watching our favorite group fitness instructor, Ron, teach a few cardio kick moves, and the FFFF-goers try their hand at Wii Fitness. Their skills on the Wii definitely couldn’t compare to my mom’s–she’s a beast on Wii Fitness and could totally have schooled the Temple kids last night, for sure.

At 11pm, they began serving smoothies, which we were quite excited about. Mine was a raspberry and strawberry concoction, which I enjoyed. With so much homework to do and an early morning at our first Saturday Preview Day of the semester, we left early so I could continue to work on my paper and get a decent amount of sleep. Next week, we’re looking forward to the theme of 106 & Park…and finding out exactly what that entails!


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