Experience Temple Day, Round 2

Kimmie took this adorable photo of Matt, David, and Lauren in the Welcome Center at #ETD2012.

When my alarm went off at 5:15 this morning after working all day yesterday and then writing an Econ paper, my first thought was, “Okay, Sarah. Here we go again.” I got out of bed and got dressed for our second Experience Temple Day of the semester. My sluggish start was definitely cured once I got to the Welcome Center at 6:40 and was met by all the other excited Owls, ready to begin ETD.

We headed over to the Temple Performing Arts Center and after setting up, met thousands of admitted students and their families. Matt Wargo, our Director of Fun, again used the hashtag #ETD2012 to connect with our students, which was a great success. From comments on the music selection to excitement for the day, all the tweets provided great feedback. Matt even got quite a few compliments on his khakis (the standard Owl Ambassador uniform on ETD, I might add), which spawned its own Twitter handle, @wargoskhakis.

I was stationed in the chapel of the TPAC during the presentation, and got to wear an awesome headset to coordinate with our admissions counselors across campus. The running joke became that with all the music pumping through the speakers, I looked like a Spice Girl. Hey, when Wargo plays my British band, the Wanted, I can’t help but sing and dance!

While Lauren gave the student speech in Mitten Hall, those of us in the TPAC got to listen to Vinnie, who gave a great speech about opportunities he’s taken advantage of while here at Temple. He talked about research opportunities in mechanical engineering, his study abroad experience in England, and even gave an awesome shout out to the tour guide floor hockey team! He was right, we might be the worst team out there, but we’ve got heart, which was awesome to hear from our captain.

After dismissing for school and college presentations, Matt, Abby, and I headed back to the Welcome Center, gave a tour and then headed to J&H for lunch. When I returned, I gave two more tours for the day. It was great to talk to all the admitted students and their families and while I may not have gotten too many laughs with my corny jokes, helping show students why Temple would be a great fit for them was the absolute highlight of the day.

So we get a break until April for our last ETD of the semester, and I’m pretty excited–my parents will be joining as panelists on the parents’ panel. Until then, I’ve got to finish this Econ paper, after taking the nap-after-ETD we tour guides affectionately call “the ETD coma!” Go Owls!


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