Tour Guides Clinch a Playoff Berth

We, the tour guides, lost ourthird game in a row…but we scored four goals, so we’re gonna call it a win.

Well, okay, so everyone makes the playoffs. Fine. But we felt like we won the game tonight. Our only goal going into tonight’s match was, well, to score a goal. After being mercy-ed out twice in scoreless games, we just wanted to put a one next to our name up on the scoreboard.

Tonight, in our regular-season intramural floor hockey finale, we did just that. And more. We lost the game 11-4, but yeah, that second number in the score, it’s a 4. And all we cared about was that it wasn’t a zero. After being down 6-0 in the first period, things weren’t looking promising. But our captain, Vinnie, stepped up and scored our first goal. Shortly after him, Sean scored twice, and Vin scored again to make it four goals for the tour guides. We were in disbelief, but ecstatic, and I’m sure the other team was confused when we were celebrating like mad after each one.

Because it’s intramural floor hockey, the rules state that each team has to have at least two girls on the court at all times. So since Cassandra and I were our only girls, we played the whole game. I loved it, though in the third period, it was definitely tough keeping up at times. I had fun, though, and even went up against the guys, boxing them out and swatting at their ankles. I even got a complaint from a guy on the other team who got mad that I was trying to “hack his ankles off.” He got his revenge on the next possession, though, and gave me a sizable, black and blue welt on my shin, one I’m actually quite proud of. Kevin and Vinnie played great goalies for us, and Sean and Rend made some amazing offensive efforts.

As the seconds ticked down, we just prayed that they wouldn’t score another goal, effecting the mercy rule. We finished a whole game, which was an awesome accomplishment for us. Everyone played really hard, and we keep playing better and better, which definitely showed tonight. As we walked out of Pearson-McGonigle, we relished in the fact that we made the playoffs…clinching a playoff berth with tonight’s “victory.”


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