Class Scheduling Day

Registering for my last semester of classes this morning was a breeze. Can’t wait for fall!

This morning, I registered for my last semester of classes at Temple. It’s still hard to believe that next December, I’ll be donning the cap and gown, and moving on to the real world. Registering for classes is pretty painless at TU. A few weeks ago, I started researching the last classes I needed to complete my degree and started building a mock schedule.

For my final semester, I’m taking my journalism capstone, the Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab, or MURL, as we affectionately call it. The journalism capstone course is held at Temple University’s Center City campus, TUCC. We will each be assigned a neighborhood within the city, and each multimedia package we create gets uploaded to the class’ website, PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods. Our professor will be Dr. Linn Washington, who was my faculty advisor while I was studying abroad in London. He taught our studies course, London Olympics, where I learned a lot about the culture and community surrounding the Olympic movement, so I’m looking forward to taking another of his courses. While my journalism capstone, seems incredibly demanding, I’m looking forward to putting into practice what I’ve learned these past three years.

The rest of my classes look interesting, as well. I’ll be taking Sports Journalism & Society, Magazine Editing, Spanish Composition, and the Evolution of Culture. Graduating a semester early wasn’t something I had intentionally planned on doing, but I’m pretty excited at the prospect of getting an extra four months or so to look for a job. I came in with a ton of AP credit, so a lot of my electives and GenEds were covered. Even with studying abroad in London for a semester, I’m still managing to graduate early.

I can’t believe I only have five more classes left to take at Temple, but it’s been a great ride so far, and I know I still have more awesome experiences to come in that last semester!


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