Leadership Week

Joe Urbanski provided tons of motivation for students interested in leadership last night in the Student Center.

With Thursday came the fourth night of the Office of Leadership Development’s Exploring Leadership Speaker Series, as one of the final events of Leadership Week. The Diamond Leaders welcomed back Joe Urbanski of Collegiate EmPowerment, who has been a constant support to motivate us as an organization.

Nearly 50 participants showed up to hear what they believed was going to be the typical motivational speaker, but those of us who knew Joe weren’t surprised when he brought the energy to his interactive presentation. We certainly weren’t sitting on our hands for two and a half hours.

Leadership Week has included a movie night, tons of speakers and seminars, panels, and at the end of the week, applications to the Diamond Leader program are due. After applying to become a Diamond Leader at the end of my freshman year, I can’t believe how much the program has grown. Chelsea Kormos, our graduate extern and one of my closest friends in the program, and I were discussing all the changes, and I’ve loved watching all the new students come in with unbridled enthusiasm for leadership.

Joe definitely gave us the motivation to become our best self and recognize negative habits in our thought processes that hinder us from achieving our goals. I left with a new sense of purpose to finish out the semester strong.

Don’t forget! Applications to become a Diamond Leader are due into the Office of Leadership Development (219M in the Student Center) by 5pm today!


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