TSG Elections

Tour guide David Lopez is running for student body president under the TAP ticket.

Temple Student Government (TSG) is holding its annual student body elections today and tomorrow, and the race is really heating up around campus. The two competing tickets, RUN TEMPLE and TAP, went head-to-head last night in the final debate of the election season. Held in the Student Center Atrium, the two factions debated key issues.

One of our fellow tour guides, David Lopez, is running for student body president and has certainly made his voice heard. Meeting with students on Liacouras Walk, attending events around campus, and advocating on social networks, TAP has truly made an impact on the election scene.

With 24,000 undergraduates on the main campus, it’s difficult to be so visible with so many students. Sure, Bernard Pierce and Ramone Moore make that seem easy, but Dave truly has stepped up to the challenge, and now TAP has succeeded in being recognized all over the university. We’ll certainly be cheering him on.

Temple students, don’t forget to vote today and tomorrow here!


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