Movie Night at the Reel

Before “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,” we ate dinner in the SAC and then went downstairs to the Reel.

Despite the end of the semester quickly approaching, my professors have been pretty lenient with Easter coming up this weekend. As such, I’ve had a little bit more free time than I normally would. Rachel suggested to a few of our friends that we head to the Reel, our on-campus movie theater.

The Reel is our very own on-campus theater. Student tickets here are only $2, so it’s definitely a popular spot to hang out. The movies are just out of theaters, but not yet on DVD, which makes the wait a lot cheaper than going to the Pearl. The Pearl, which sits on the corner of Broad and Oxford right off campus, is typically reserved for midnight showings and half-priced Tuesdays around North Philly.

Rachel really wanted to go see Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, a movie about a young boy’s grieving process after losing his dad on September 11th. I had read the book by Jonathan Safran Foer over the summer, and absolutely loved it, so seeing the movie was definitely something I was interested in. With the cheap prices at the Reel, I couldn’t pass it up.

After finishing my Spanish homework and dining at the SAC, we walked downstairs to the Reel in the basement of Student Center South. We settled in for the movie, and it held so true to the novel, I was thoroughly impressed. I cried while reading the book because Foer has a gift of making a transcript from a voicemail seem so real, and related an event that we’ve all experienced in September 11th. While we watched Oskar remember “the worst day,” I could remember exactly where I was that morning, which makes it all the more real.

I have a reputation of sobbing (and wailing, my friends will add) during movies (see: Titanic, Harry Potter 7, and countless others), and tonight was no exception. I used more than my fair share of tissues during the film. When the director’s credit rolled up, I blew my nose, and after releasing the foghorn of a noise, everyone laughed hysterically. I suppose I provided the comic relief after such a heart-wrenching movie.

Anyway, heading to the Reel was definitely a great break from my norm, and now it’s off to Easter break…well, after my three classes tomorrow morning and tour in the afternoon!


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