TAP for TSG Wins

The LoPrez wins the election!

Voting for Temple Student Government‘s new leaders closed last night at midnight, though the results were not announced until today at noon. With a slew of tweets and Facebook posts, TSG announced that TAPforTSG had won the election.

I ran into Dave Lopez, our new student body president, last night as I carried my dinner back to my apartment, and he was quite nervous and anxious for the day to be finished and the results to be in his hands. I was nervous for him, but having already cast my vote, we could only sit and wait.

Finally, the tweets came in that DayLo and his ticket, Ofo and Julian, had won the election and will be the leaders of our student body next year. Over 2500 students voted and nearly 1600 of those votes for were Temple Advocating for Progress.

I had come up with a joke slogan for DayLo that he wasn’t quite fond of: “I’m a tour guide. Let me lead you tour-d the future.” But tour guide jokes aside, Dave’s going to be an owl-standing president and I’m so happy he’s going to represent our student body. He has unmatched enthusiasm and passion, and in order to lead such a large student body, you need that personality. He’s going to do such a great job, and the Owl Ambassadors couldn’t be prouder.

TAP had the full backing of the Owl Ambassadors, but that’s only thirty votes. Clearly, many more students agreed with their platform, and wished them to be our new student leaders!

To celebrate, in the Owl Ambassadors’ Office this afternoon, we created a banner that read “CONGRATZ LOPREZ” and printed out dozens of pictures of the President’s podium with Dave’s face superimposed on them. While everyone was out on tour, I hid them all over the Welcome Center, and Niki, one of our bosses, and I created a contest for the Owl Ambassadors to guess how many LoPrez’s there are. We may have gone a little overboard, but it was worth it to celebrate DayLo’s transformation to the LoPrez.

Congratulations, Dave, Ofo, and Julian!


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