Easter Weekend

Meghan and I made this poster to welcome home our brother, Jeremy, from his week in Italy.

While Temple may not give us an Easter break, since I live so close to campus, I still got to go home and spend the short weekend with my family.

My younger brother returned home from his Latin class trip to Italy, so while catching up on my Mad Men, my sister and I made posters and decorated the house to welcome him home. Later that afternoon, Herbie and I relaxed by watching the Masters, much to my dad’s surprise. He turned to my sister and laughed, “Sarah would never have known any of this last year…” It’s true! Working at Golf Monthly has taught me too much…

Saturday night, my friend Jessica and I went to go see The Hunger Games, while she was home for two weeks from Germany. I was so excited after reading the books, so I couldn’t wait. Although, I will admit, I did pull out my Owl Card, about to pay in Diamond Dollars, before I realized that probably wasn’t an option at my local movie theater.

Easter Sunday was quiet and restful. After Mass, we saw what the Easter Bunny had left for us: a tool belt for my sister, a shirt for my brother, and I got an awesome London 2012 shirt! I can’t wait for the Olympics to start! And, of course, chocolate, jellybeans, and more chocolate! While my mom set to cooking lunch, I pulled up the computer and watched the Arsenal beat Manchester City, the number two team in the Premier League. It was such a great game, and a great way to spend Easter.

After my grandfather, aunt, and uncle joined us for lunch, my sister and I packed up our things and headed back down to campus. It was a quick trip home, but definitely a great weekend. Now back to the grind for the last three weeks of the semester! Let’s hope they fly by!


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