Hand-Coding, HTML, and Hockey

TECH TV is my best friend while working on lengthy assignments at the TECH…and especially when the Flyers are playing!

Multimedia Storytelling, while a difficult class, has proved to be a learning experience. This semester, I’ve taught myself Final Cut Pro, how to use a Canon Vixia, and now how to hand-code a website in Adobe Dreamweaver. While the projects have been difficult, I’m hoping the work pays off next semester when I take my journalism capstone, MURL.

Our latest project was to design our own website and create a photo slideshow of a newsworthy story in Philadelphia. I selected the mayor’s April Fools’ prank, installing e-lanes in Center City. While I should have been upset that I had to spend a perfectly good Wednesday evening at the TECH Center, I was excited to prove that I could accomplish something that I found pretty difficult. I’m not a science/math/or technology person, so hand-coding an entire website was a pretty big deal.

My most difficult moment was trying to figure out how to link the little pedestrian icons to other pages on the site, so that when you clicked them, the photo and caption would change. I was pretty solid in styling the page in CSS, but the HTML got quite intense at times with eight different pages to manage. I certainly appreciate the work that goes into creating websites–any website–after trying to code my own.

One of the coolest parts about the TECH Center is TECH TV. I never have to worry about missing the Phils or Flyers when they’re on the telly, because we can stream 13 live cable channels right from our computers. With huge monitors larger than the television in my apartment, it makes multitasking pretty convenient. Tonight, with the Flyers in the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Penguins, I was able to stream the game on Comcast SportsNet while coding my website. They’re losing right now, 3-0 in the second period, but at least I’m watching the game, thanks to the TECH Center! The best part is looking around at the computers surrounding me, and most of them are tuned into the game.

The FlyGuys might not be playing too hot tonight…GOOOOOAL, Dannnnny Briere! Okay, well, as I was saying, the Flyers weren’t playing too hot tonight, but I feel pretty great with another MMS project down. The class is certainly difficult, but I’m learning so much, and my coding has improved each time. I don’t expect to be hand-coding HTML and CSS the rest of my career, but it’s a great skill to have.

Check out my photo slideshow project for Multimedia Storytelling here!


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