Ambassadors Turned Models

Our photographer and creative director organized the Temple photo shoot with some Owl Ambassadors and honors students today.

Ever see those college publications, flyers, and websites with the students modelling their college’s gear? Today, some of the Owl Ambassadors and a few university honors students participated in one of Temple’s photoshoots. We met at the Bell Tower and were greeted by our photographer and creative director. After signing our waivers, we pulled out our Temple gear and the photographer started snapping away.

While some of us posed on Beury Beach, others stood around the Bell Tower talking, and we captured the essence of one of the social centers of the campus. We then moved farther west on Polett Walk towards the gate to the University near the Baptist Temple. It’s one of my favorite places on campus because of all the trees and historic buildings, you feel like you’re on a small, quaint campus for just a minute, before reaching the hustle and bustle of the city on Broad Street.

The wrought iron gate is famous, and Friday Night Lights even used it to film a scene for season 5 of their show, as “Temple University” became “Braemore College” for the day. When I finally got to season 5 over winter break after returning from England, I paused the Netflix on my television, and ran to grab my mom. She’s never watched the show and had no clue about the context of any of it, but I was excited to show her the campus we could recognize like the back of our hands.

Neither the cold nor the sunshowers could stop the Owl Ambassadors and honors students as we posed for all the shots the creative director asked for. We shot a lot of photos along the Walk towards the Baptist Temple, and then were sent home for the night, once the photographer got the shots he needed. It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to see if my face makes it into any Temple publications! Keep an eye out!


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