Our Last Experience Temple Day

Student speakers and fellow Owl Ambassadors, Vinnie and Kimmie, were prepping for their speeches at ETD.

After two extremely successful Experience Temple Days already under our belt this semester, I was very excited to complete its our last one. I was especially excited for this one because my parents were coming to speak on our Parents Panel.

We arrived at work around 6:40am and were greeted with Dunkin Donuts and coffee. We headed over to prep the Baptist Temple and Mitten Hall for our visitors’ arrival. I was again on the headset in the Lower Level to coordinate dismissal, and had the opportunity to talk to quite a few families about their visit, which is always the best part of my job.

After we dismissed our visitors for their day ahead, I headed over to the Welcome Center, where my parents and sister were waiting. They talked to my boss, the head of the tour guides, Adrianne, and I loved to see their interactions. Adrianne said they were both so cute in their Temple gear.

They left on their way to the Parents Panel in the Student Center, where they were speaking to prospective parents and answering any questions about having a Temple student. Even though my mom had laryngitis, I think they both loved talking to everyone, and it was pretty cool sneaking in on them for a few questions and hearing their answers. I even got parents coming up to me on tour saying they had met my parents earlier, which was pretty awesome. I spent the afternoon giving abbreviated tour with some massive groups, but I always get the best questions and to meet some awesome accepted families!

The day was certainly a long one, but working with all my fellow Owl Ambassadors on our last ETD of the year was an awesome experience. Hopefully, our 3,000 visitors enjoyed their day on campus, too!


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