Spring has Flung

Dani and I enjoyed giving out Temple trivia questions at the Owl Ambassador table during this year’s Spring Fling on campus.

At Temple University, one of our annual traditions is the block party that takes place in the spring called Spring Fling. Usually, it’s ill-timed, the weather doesn’t cooperate, and there’s a million other things to accomplish so close to the end of the semester. But somehow, we work it all out, and for one afternoon, campus is transformed into miles of tables, food, games, and fun.

This year, I was excited to work the Owl Ambassador table at Fling where we were asking Temple trivia questions for the chance to win a Temple t-shirt, magnet, or lanyard. We asked questions from the facts we recite on tour, and hearing some of the answers was quite hysterical. I already knew I knew a lot about TU, but it made me realize that, being a tour guide, you really, really know a lot about TU.

The weather wasn’t cooperating so much, so we were stuck with periods of rain and temperatures stuck in the 50s for most of the day. But that didn’t dampen the spirits around campus. After my three classes, I headed to the Welcome Center to walk with Dani and Adrianne to our table in front of the Tuttleman Learning Center on 13th Street.

A few minutes after I got there, a girl came up to answer a trivia question, and said that I had given her a tour last year at an Experience Temple Day. She said that I was the reason she had chosen Temple, and she even remembered my name. It gave me the most incredible feeling to know that I influenced someone’s decision to come here. I love this school, and I tell people every single day at work how much I love this school, but rarely do people come back and share how evident that love was on tour. It was such an awesome moment, and it makes my job worth it every single day. She even signed up to come out and volunteer at some of our Admissions events!

Overall, I’d say Spring Fling was definitely a success, but now it’s time to buckle down and study before the Flyers game tonight! Go FlyGuys! And maybe, just maybe, when we beat the Penguins tonight, I’ll allow the colors of One and Two Liberty Place to shine Flyers orange during Paint the Town Cherry Week. But just this once.


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