Un Candidato Titánico: Jack Dawson

During our presidential debates in Spanish class, my group and I presented Jack Dawson as the Titanic candidate…pun absolutely intended.

This week has been swamped and stressful. As the last week of classes winds down before our two mandatory study days and a week or so of finals, I’ve been inundated with the last tests, quizzes, papers, and projects of the semester. With six classes on my plate, it’s been a lot to handle, but I love each one of my classes for a different reason, so it’s not too horrible.

This week in my Conversational Spanish course, we were tasked with presenting a fictional candidate to run for president. Then, in class, we were to explain why our candidate should be elected and then refute any negative criticism from classmates. Since the class is taught in fluent Spanish, I was quite nervous!

We did a group activity the week before where we practiced different tenses by relating specific events in our lives. The one question I got was to talk about a time my heart was broken. I couldn’t think fast enough on my feet, so I told my class how Jack Dawson broke my heart every time the Titanic sank in James Cameron’s movie. My eight classmates (Yes, for those of you who didn’t believe me on tour that our average class size here at Temple is 27 students, my upper-level Spanish class has only 9 students, total.) found this hysterical and so when our group had to choose a presidential candidate, as a joke, my two partners proposed Jack. The more we thought about it, the more it made sense.

Ergo, Jack Dawson. El candidato titánico. We came up with a whole platform, speech, and presentation for why Jack should become president. In one PowerPoint slide (above), I made the point that despite the icebergs sinking his ship, he is still against global warming. While the other candidates, Lisa Simpson and Ron Swanson, tried to refute us, we were even able to skate around the fact that our candidate was dead. Our group won the debate and while part of me was proud that Jack won, I was even prouder that I was able to convince my class…in Spanish!

While these last few days are going to be insanely stressful and busy, it is projects like this that force me to remember how much I love this stuff, and how much effort I have to put in these last few assignments to turn out the good grades!


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