With Love, XOXO

Last night, as part of my final project for Multimedia Storytelling, I interviewed Kimberly Stanislaw, a fellow tour guide and intern at Visit Philly. Kimmie talked about the purpose of Visit Philly, their use of social media, her role at the organization, and what she loves about the city of Philadelphia. Visit Philly has this genius campaign called “With Love, Philadelphia XOXO.” They are so timely and relevant, and you’re always on the lookout for the next witty saying. My favorite one I tore out of a magazine in 2008, right after the Phillies won the World Series, and it’s now laminated and hanging in my room. It reads: Dear World Champs, Oh wait…that’s us. With Love, Philadelphia XOXO.  Kimmie gave an awesome interview!

Today, during a workshop period in class, I set to editing the interview to make my second audio slideshow in Final Cut Pro. I now find the process quite simple, though very detail-oriented, and I was able to finish the process in just under two hours without a single hitch. The audio slideshow will eventually become a part of my final project, a hand-coded website from scratch about the City of Brotherly Love. It has been such a laborious process and a lot of preparation and work, but it’ll pay off when I can complete the entire project and have an awesome website that I coded entirely on my own. I’m definitely coming out of this class with some pretty tangible skills!

Until then, enjoy just one piece of the puzzle: my audio slideshow with Kimmie! Take a look and enjoy!

Thanks again, Kimmie!


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