2012 Leadership Awards Ceremony

Chelsea Kormos, our graduate extern, has been one of my closest mentors in Diamond Leaders and an incredible friend over the past three years.

This afternoon, the Office of Student Activities and the Office of Leadership Development held their annual Awards Ceremony in the Student Center. The annual event recognized exceptional student organizations, leaders, Greek organization, student government leaders, and, of course, the Diamond Leaders. It is always such a great event, and one I look forward to each year.

My freshman year, I was inducted into the Diamond Leader program, with my mom looking on, which was a really awesome moment to share with her. Last year, I was blindsided and, as a sophomore, was awarded the Diamond Leader of the Year award. That was a moment I’ll never forget, as my peers and advisers nominated and selected me for the award. This year, I was hoping to enjoy myself as a recommitted Diamond Leader, and take the opportunity to congratulate our graduates and socialize with some of my friends.

The event did not disappoint. Every year, the joint ceremony with Student Activities reminds me that no matter how involved I feel on campus, it’s a school of 24,000 undergrads, and there’s a lot of incredible leadership and participation on this campus. At each ceremony, I meet new leaders around campus, new student organizations, and new movements honored for their accomplishments. We also get the opportunity to remember what it was like to be a new Diamond Leader, and make a renewed promise to the program. It is always inspirational to watch the new Diamond Leaders get inducted, knowing what a life-changing course the program has in store for them. The ceremony is an incredible display of Temple’s pride and diversity.


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