End-of-the-Year Owl Party

The graduating Owl Ambassadors will be sorely missed next semester, so we celebrated them at our annual party.

Tonight was one of the parts that I love and hate most about my job: the end of the semester Owl Party. We get to welcome our New Owl Ambassadors into our family, but we have to say goodbye to our seniors.

As a sophomore, I was hired with a lot of freshman, so I really looked to the class of Owls above me for guidance. My mentor, Dani, was a huge part of my experience as an Owl Ambassador. Dani, who I quickly came to call my Bigowl, was a mentor, a buddy, a partner-in-crime, and, eventually, one of my absolute best friends. She calls me her Omelette, and while we joke that we’re essentially the same person, I’m going to miss seeing her every day.

At the Owl Party, we kind of throw the New Owls in blind. They think they’re coming to this huge end-of-the-year celebration. And they are, but it turns into more of a sob-fest as we talk about each senior and recount what they mean to us. Once our boss, Adrianne, starts crying, we all start crying, and it’s a huge, loving mess.

Dani was the third senior, and Adrianne called on me first, as her mentee. I got choked up, I lost my words, and we both stood there in tears. Thankfully, I had a plan B, a picture frame in the shape of Hooter the Owl that I gave to her with a picture of us and a note on the back, hopefully saying everything I knew I’d forget. Dani’s become my confidant, my conspiring twin, and my best friend, and it didn’t hit me until I found myself standing up, trying to speak, how much I was actually going to miss her.

It was hard to say goodbye to each of our seniors. They’ve all become great friends. This job has given me incredible opportunities and incredible friendships, but it’s more than that. It’s a family. It’s truly a family. And all the New Owls sitting there, as I was last year, just see these people crying, and last year, when I was in that spot, that’s when it began to sink in about how incredible this job was going to be. Each of our seniors has been an incredible friend to me and I’ll miss them all terribly.

So, Dani, Michael, Kimmie, Alyssa, Colleen, Dan, Natalie, Matt, Abby, Taylor, and Vinnie: I am going to miss you all more than you can imagine. So thank you, and stay close, because you all mean the world to me.

Once an Owl, always an Owl. Congratulations, TU Class of 2012! I love you guys so much!


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