Cinco de…Saturday Preview Day

The tour guides celebrated Cinco de Mayo at work with our last Saturday Preview Day of the semester. Our boss, Adrianne, and I donned sombreros at the Welcome Center.

This morning was our last Saturday Preview Day of the semester here at Undergraduate Admissions. With the festive spirit of Cinco de Mayo, our boss, Adrianne, brought out sombreros and we enjoyed dressing up and cracking jokes before we left for the Student Center to greet the hundreds of prospective families making their way to campus.

I woke up early this morning to watch my football team, Arsenal, play Norwich back in North London, and I left at halftime for the Welcome Center. I was positioned inside the entrance to the Student Center, and met tons of families from all over, who were all excited to be at Temple, some of whom were here on their first visit. Even though I got the ESPN ScoreCenter alert that the Arsenal drew 3-3 against a team we should have creamed, it was a great morning mingling with the students and their families.

Later, I went out on tour with Kendall, my mentee, and she did great! It was so nice to be able to tag team with a new Owl and know how well we trained them! I was so proud! She was able to answer questions smoothly and students and parents were really able to connect with her. They even laughed at all her corny jokes…something I love since my tours are laden with corny jokes!

Afterwards, we all met up J&H for lunch and enjoyed one last meal with each other before the end of finals on Tuesday. We’re such an awkward, funny group, it’s always a good laugh with them. I’m definitely going to miss my Owls this summer!


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