Broad Street Run 2012

My cousin, Monica, and my sister, Meghan, finished close together at the 2012 Broad Street Run!

Philadelphia’s home to a lot of unique things. Cheesesteaks, Rocky, the hoagie, soft pretzel, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell. You name it. But on the first Sunday of May, it’s also home to the Broad Street Run, the largest ten mile race in the country. The race spans the length of Broad Street, the longest road in the city, starting in North Philadelphia, and going straight past Temple, City Hall, and through South Philadelphia, past the Stadium Complex, before finishing at the Navy Yard.

I’m not a runner, and I can’t claim to be, but my sister certainly is. As are, it turns out, some of my cousins, friends, and fellow Owl Ambassadors. So my parents picked me up at school, and we drove down to South Philadelphia. After parking at Citizens Bank Park, we walked to the Navy Yard, and took our spot under the gates to look for our runners.

My brother and I took a walk around and found my cousins, Michael and Bryan. It was so awesome to see them and hang out for a while! We all stood together and watched some of the 41,000 runners go by. My sister, Meghan, crossed the finish line, and, shortly after, my cousin, Monica, finished, too, so we went to the finish line to greet them. Michael and I found it was hard work being spectators, so we quite enjoyed eating the soft pretzels afterwards.

In addition to Meghan and Monica, my cousin, Mary, and her fiance, KC, were running, as were fellow Owl Ambassadors Lauren, Chelsea, and Vinnie, and my sister’s friends, Emily and Carlyn.

I had made Meghan a poster that said, “RUN FORRES’][‘ RUN!” after her favorite movie, Forrest Gump. On the flip side, it said, “GO SISSY! & Emily, Lauren, Chelsea, Vinnie, Monica, Mary, and KC!” I had to find a way to cheer for everyone! I was so proud of them all! It was so awesome to see so many people out and running, and made me want to one day make it those ten miles. Who knows? Maybe if I hike Pikes Peak this summer, I’ll be able to run ten miles one day! I’m just looking forward to stepping up my posters for next year’s run!

Congrats to all the Broad Street Runners!


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