Off the Grid: LeaderShape Institute

The Diamond Leaders, among other student leaders from Temple, will be attending the LeaderShape Institute for the next six days.

After waiting for two years, I’ll finally be attending the LeaderShape Institute with the Diamond Leader program for the next six days. At our first Diamond Leader retreat in April of my freshman year, the upperclassmen in the program kept raving about their experience at LeaderShape the previous summer. By design, all we were told is that you would learn so much about yourself, you would cry, you would become close with everyone at the Institute, and it would be a life-changing experience. Since then, we’ve been waiting patiently for our opportunity to attend LeaderShape.

For the next six days, fellow Diamond Leaders, honors students, student government leaders, and other leaders in the Temple University community, including my sister and I, will be attending the conference in the Pocono Mountains. We’ll be off the grid with limited access to all technology. I doubt I’ll even be able to pick up a cell phone signal, and it would be wishful thinking to expect a 3G signal for my iPhone! Every year at our Diamond Leader retreat, we head to the mountains, and I’m hardly able to pick up a signal. For those two or three days, it’s nice to unwind and unplug, so I’m looking forward to LeaderShape.

Since we don’t know very much about what to expect, I’m curious to see what the week has in store. I love leadership retreats and conferences, and I’ve been privileged to attend many while in the Diamond Leader program, so I’m really looking forward to LeaderShape, the one we’ve heard so much about since starting the program.

So my sister and I have packed our things and will drive back into Philly tomorrow to meet the other sixty students we’ll spend the next six days with! I’ll be sure to update when we come home on Thursday!


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