Free Slurpee Day

Slurpees make the perfect summer day!

“Free” and “Sev” are probably the two of the best words to a Temple student. 7-Eleven, a staple in the northeast convenience store scene, offered free Slurpees today to mark the start of summer. While it’s technically not the first day of summer yet, any day 7-Eleven wants to celebrate it is cool with me!

On campus, we have two of our very own 7-Elevens, affectionately called “Sev” in the Philly area. One of our Sevs is located right in the heart of campus on Liacouras Walk, and, if this was a requirement of yours when choosing a college, this Sev does have all twelve Slurpee flavors and is rumored to be the testing facility for all northeast Slurpee flavors.

7-Eleven usually does their free Slurpee day on July 11th, or 7/11, and since I’m pretty sure that Colorado won’t have any Sevs nearby, I was a little bummed. The free Slurpee day is one of those marks of summer you hate to miss. You always get your free Slurpee. So when I heard that Sev was giving out free Slurpees today, I didn’t care what the occasion. All that mattered was that it was a beautiful summer day and I was getting my Slurpee.

For those of you not familiar with Sev, I guarantee you, one you come to Temple, you will be. It may look like any other American convenience store, but head to the back corner, and you’ll see the machine that will change your life. They may carry tons of other stuff, but the Slurpee’s what’s made the store famous. A Slurpee’s kind of like an Icee, a flavored frozen drink that’s a staple of summer days. When I was younger, every Friday afternoon, my cousins and I would make the walk to the local store to get our Slurpees. It’s one of those memories I always have as I walk through those same doors years after.

When my mom came home from work this afternoon, I ran out the door with the keys and drove across town to our local 7-Eleven. Out of my favorite wild cherry flavor, I settled for blue raspberry and drove back home. Before I even got home, the 7.11oz drink was nearly gone. And mind you, I live about a five minutes’ drive from the store. So worth it for one last Slurpee before Colorado!

Oh thank heaven! It’s 7-Eleven.


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