Dinner on the Delaware

Me, my brother, and my sister on the banks of the Delaware River in New Hope this Memorial Day Weekend.

To celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, the kick-off to summer, and my impending birthday, my family and I ventured a few miles upstream to New Hope for dinner this evening. New Hope is a quaint town with lots of little shops and restaurants in a picturesque position on the banks of the Delaware River. Its historic Main Street sits in between the river to the east and the canal to the west. It’s an easy drive up I-95 from Philadelphia, so many people take advantage of a quick getaway from the city to New Hope, and it’s well-known around the region. If people can’t pinpoint the small town my parents live in, they can usually pinpoint New Hope.

After getting recommendations from friends, we chose to eat at the Landing restaurant. While I claim to be a very compliant eater, truth be told, I’m one of the pickiest I know. This is no more evident than when we go out to eat, and I sit there, struggling to choose something off the menu, until the moment the waitress comes to take my order. Thankfully, with the Landing’s American cuisine (and an online menu I could look at beforehand), I settled on the pulled pork sandwich, and was very pleased with my selection. It was delicious and rivaled that of my favorite pulled pork sandwich at the Memphis Taproom in Northern Liberties.

After very heavy downpours this morning, I was skeptical the weather would turn, but by noon, the sun had come out and was trying to dry the Delaware Valley. Just our luck, too, because the Landing offered a crowded outdoor patio to eat on. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we ate our meals under the patriotic red, white, and blue umbrellas.

After dinner, we took a walk down Main Street in the cool air before driving back home. It was a wonderful dinner before I head off to Colorado in a mere six days! Thanks, famfam!


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