Day Two at the Olympic Training Center

My new Olympian friend, Jordan Burroughs, and I talked Philly sports yesterday at the OTC.

Only at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center for 24hrs and it’s been a whirlwind! The weather’s beautiful, the people are so nice, and I’m definitely still getting used to seeing a huge stinking mountain to the west that towers over everything, everywhere I go. And I thought we had “mountains” in Philly.

Yesterday, mere moments after I unpacked my last suitcase, the other Digital Media intern, Connor, and I had the opportunity to meet Jordan Burroughs, the USA’s best hope for a gold medal in freestyle wrestling in London. Jordan, from Camden, and I, from just across the river in Philly, bonded over our love for Philly sports and Connor and I had a blast working with him. His Twitter handle, @alliseeisgold, is so appropriate, and I have my first Olympian follower, thanks to Jordan! Good luck in London, Jordan!

After meeting Jordan, Connor and I dined in the cafeteria, and took advantage of the McDonald’s soft serve ice cream machine! As a sponsor of Team USA, all-you-can-eat McDonald’s ice cream is definitely a perk!

We returned to the caf a while later with some fellow interns to watch the Spurs-Thunder game on the big screens. After the first quarter, we moved back to Cortina to the Athletes’ Lounge to finish out the game. It was so awesome to be able to watch a playoff basketball game at a reasonable hour, as the game started at 6:30pm, not the 8:30pm I’ve been used to for so long! But, having been up so early, and still set to East Coast time, I conked out pretty fast after the Thunder victory!

This morning, one of the interns and I made our way to the famous OTC brunch we’d been hearing about and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Afterwards, we went out to explore the complex we’d seen so little of, so far! I’m convinced the Olympic rings are like not-so-hidden Mickeys around here…and the red, white, and blue is everywhere!

Tomorrow’s our first day of work, and I’m really excited, but really nervous at the same time! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store, because we all know…Amazing Awaits!

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