First-Time 5K-ers

Some of the USOC interns and I tried the Jack Quinn’s 5K today after work in downtown Colorado Springs.

Connor and I have walked past Jack Quinn’s Irish pub for two days now. And today, we finally went inside. Anna, one of our digital media coworkers at the USOC, encouraged us to run a 5K today in downtown Colorado Springs. I was awfully skeptical. A 5K? Me? I mean, I like to run in Philly, but I’m pretty sure my definition of running differs from most peoples’…

We came back to the OTC after work this afternoon and then Connor, Jordan, Calli, and myself piled into the car and drove back to USOC Headquarters in downtown Colorado Springs, meeting Ali and Kelly down there. We parked and walked to the pub right next door, Jack Quinn’s, and made our way to the second floor, where we were greeted by a blaring DJ and tons of people in their athletic gear, ready to head out on the run. We all had the goofiest grins on our faces, wondering what we had just walked into.

Jack Quinn’s is legendary here in the Springs. Each Tuesday at 6pm, the pub hosts a 5K run as part of Jack Quinn’s Running Club, which nearly 1500 people participate in each week. If you run it ten times, you get a t-shirt, proving your accomplishments. Needless to say, we’re determined to get the shirts. We signed our names, and we were off! I was definitely worried about the altitude and, since it was the first athletic activity I’d truly done since I’ve been out here, we took it easy, but it was an awesome experience! So much fun!

We came back to the pub and they were cutting cake for the running club’s sixth anniversary. The cake was delicious, and we all enjoyed our post-run celebration, watching those who had completed the run ten times get their shirts. We had the best time, and we’re all determined to come back each week. It’s a great, casual work-out and such a fun, lively time!


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