Second-Time 5K-ers

The USOC interns (Connor, me, Bri, and Jordan) definitely would call our second 5K a success this afternoon!

As I walked into work this morning with my North Face backpack packed with running clothes, I found myself thinking why the heck I agreed to run another 5K for the second week in a row. On what planet was I looking forward to running a 5K? After hiking the Incline on Saturday, I was planning on giving myself a ton of extra rest. Instead, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run our second outing with Jack Quinn’s Running Club.

I was determined to beat my time from last week, and with Game 1 of the NBA Finals and an article to post on the Team USA website, I knew I had to run with a purpose to get back. Connor and I met Jordan and Bri at USOC Headquarters and we went next door to the pub to sign in and start out. While Bri and I held our own for a while, the boys decided to pass us, sprinting for the all of three seconds it took to blow past us before slowing up to their normal pace again.

Bri and I finished the run with a time of 35 minutes, and Jordan and Connor were waiting for us at the finish with our backpacks. They finished only seven minutes ahead of us, and considering Jordan is a Division III quarterback and Connor just finished playing Division I basketball, I was pretty happy with myself!

In no universe would I ever have pictured myself running a 5K every week, but it’s so much fun. The atmosphere is great, we have a blast, we’re working towards our free shirt, and we’re keeping in shape. The best part? We laugh the whole time and we still made it home in time for tip-off.


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