US Olympic Committee Intern Assimilation

After assimilation, our class of interns took a tour of the OTC this morning and got a behind the scenes look at the facility we’ve lived at for a week and a half.

This morning in the Gold Room of the Athletes’ Center, we held our intern assimilation. While we were a little nervous that it was nearly two weeks after we moved to Colorado, it was definitely an informative morning. We heard from a lot of employees who were former interns, and a lot about the Olympic movement, and what to expect from the program.

When we were finished, we were met by two former interns, Jim and Tim, who now work in Operations, who led us around the complex, weaving in and out of the normal tour groups. We were granted behind-behind-the-scenes access, and loved every minute of it. Our first stop was the dining hall, which we all laughed at and pretended not to know our way around, despite having found it a long time ago on our own after nearly two weeks of living here at the OTC. We then made our way to Sports Center II, which is where the volleyball team plays and, most recently, we’ve been watching the U-18 men’s national basketball team practice. Then over to the Aquatics Center, where we were able to walk on the pool deck, something people rarely get to do. We also walked into the shooting range, the gymnastics gym, the fencing gym, and saw so much more than we had before. We were even encouraged to set up experiences with Olympians to learn about their sport and give it a try!

After our tour, we all lunched in the dining hall and caught the first half of the Netherlands v. Germany Euro2012 game. Unfortunately, I missed (fellow Gunner) Robin Van Persie’s goal, but we still had so much fun with our quick, half-day assimilation.


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