The Dream Team

Dom, Calli, me, and Connor were absolutely captivated by the NBA TV documentary, “The Dream Team,” that aired tonight at the OTC.

It was probably the quietest night since I’ve moved to Colorado. It was also probably the most inspirational.

Tonight, we all gathered for our nightly dinner in the dining hall at the OTC, but tonight was special. Connor came in nearly sprinting to the great room with the remote for the middle of the three flat screens, and quickly changed it to NBA TV at 7pm for the debut of “The Dream Team.” I love documentaries, but ones about sport have the power to truly move and inspire people, and this one was no different. The NBA TV documentary showcased the 1992 Barcelona Games and the USA Basketball team of NBA superstars. Every kid my age has grown up with the Dream Team. You knew Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen and Larry Bird and every member who could be called by their first name, and still, to this day, you’d know who they were. They were legends.

But we were little. We grew up with them as legends; they were already established. So for us to sit there and watch the evolution of the team we knew was incredible. When they showed the Opening Ceremony in Barcelona, when they showed the team receiving their gold medals, when they showed the guys posing in the Olympic Rings, it sends chills down your spine.

But when they showed Michael walking through the Olympic Stadium with the flame in the background, it was emotional. Because we were sitting in the Olympic Training Center, sitting as a part of Team USA, watching one of the greatest Olympic teams of all time. And knowing the London Games are right around the corner…I can scarcely imagine the gold medal moments that will define this Team USA. No one moved a muscle the entire time, except to laugh at Charles Barkely’s crazy lines and the attire of the ’92 squad. It was such a great night watching such a moving documentary.

As we walked out, everyone looked at the incredible sunset to the northwest of the OTC. At least, it’s what I thought was a sunset. Turns out, the wildfire we’ve been following in the northwest of the state, is now large enough to be seen from the Springs. It was the first time I’d ever seen the impact of one, and it was quite beautiful, despite the destruction we know it’s causing.


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