Bowling Night

The USOC interns had such a blast bowling Friday night in Colorado Springs! We didn’t stop laughing all night!

Sitting at dinner in the Athletes’ Center last night, we were all watching Tiger dominate the US Open and the replays from the Euros earlier in the day, wondering what we were possibly going to do without any sporting event to watch. It had been a long second week of work, so we just needed a fun, quiet night. Finally, Connor decides that bowling would be an awesome way to wind down. As everyone jumped up in agreement, my first question was, “Wait! Can we have bumpers?”

An hour later, thirteen of us piled into cars and drove to Harmony Lanes in Colorado Springs, about fifteen minutes from the OTC, and bowled until nearly midnight. We played four games, and while I’m pretty sure I scored the lowest out of everyone in the group, we had so much fun. I couldn’t remember the last time I went bowling, and we just stood cheering each other on and laughing the entire time!

My crowning achievement was bowling my first spare during the second game and then a strike…before not hitting a single pin in the next three frames. There was a reason I wanted the bumpers. But it didn’t matter what the score was, all that matters was that we had so much fun bowling.

Bryce, one of the interns, told Calli, another intern, last night: “She wants to capture every moment. And it’s only week two. We’re going to have a million photos at the end of this.”

Yes, Bryce. Yes, you will.

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