Happy Flag Day

Connor, Jamie, and Brandon all ate cake with me to celebrate Flag Day and my birthday!

I was sneaky. All my coworkers knew Flag Day was my favorite holiday because I was super excited about all the galleries, stories, and initiatives we were rolling out on Team USA’s website. What they didn’t know is why. They chalked it up to living in Philadelphia, the city of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and the Betsy Ross house. But honestly, it’s because I’m about the only person in this country who knows June 14th is Flag Day like the back of my hand. It was also my birthday.

I’m a weird one about birthdays. As Connor will vehemently tell you, I’m really not a birthday person. I’d rather celebrate the Fourth of July ten times over than celebrate a birthday. But still, every 365 days, I gain another year. So this year, I was glad to be at the USOC working hard on our Flag Day celebrations. To my surprise, my fellow interns brought in a bunch of small balloons and wrote a note on my whiteboard, my boss, Brandon, brought in a cake, my brother and sister mailed Flat Stanleys of themselves, and my parents sent flowers. I got phone calls and texts and it made me feel so awesome that I was remembered, even way out in Colorado Springs.

My new coworkers and friends were especially incredible. After knowing each other for less than two weeks, I got texts and well wishes and it was so wonderful to see the response, even though everyone knew I was fully intent on keeping it a secret.

Back at the OTC to celebrate Flag Day, we had a pig roast, something I was really looking forward to. It was a luau theme, and the whole dining hall was decked out. It was so much fun to sit there with my new friends watching the NBA Finals and eating our Hawaiian feast. While the Heat won, much to my dismay, it was a blast. The weather was perfect and we had so much fun enjoying our roast.

So while I’d much rather celebrate Betsy Ross’ stars and stripes, it was still a pretty great day.


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