Lighting the Torch — It’s Almost Here

Standing next to the Olympic Torch at sunset was one of the most incredible feelings, knowing everything that flame stands for.

Last night, the girls took me out for a belated birthday dinner at the Phantom Canyon Brewery in downtown Colorado Springs while the boys were out golfing at Cherokee Ridge. It was so much fun, and my favorite part was the card they gave me at the end, signed by all the interns. It nearly made me cry because everyone, though we’ve only known each other two short weeks, took the time to write a sweet message to me. Thanks, guys!

As we were driving back on the familiar complex, something was different. Something that, until this point, we’d only dreamt of. The Olympic flame was finally lit. Sunset was finally approaching, so I ran upstairs, grabbed my camera, and we nearly sprinted back down Olympic walkway towards the Torch. Running up the stairs, we were just in time to see the sun set over Pikes Peak. It was a magical  moment, and I’m not sure how else to put it into words. To see the flame that the whole movement stands for and to be here for the Games with that Torch lit, it’s going to be one emotional scene. And tonight was just a sneak peak.

We stayed up near the Torch past sunset and well into the evening, watching the sun go over the Peak and the lights at the OTC turn on. Seeing the Olympic flame in person isn’t something I’ll soon forget.

And while tonight I simply pretended to light the flame, maybe one day soon, I’ll watch it being lit for real. Hey, the Games are a mere 40 days away.


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