Third-Time 5K-ers

Connor, me, Anna, and Courtney survived our third 5K, despite the 97 degree heat today.

When we saw the forecast for today, 97 wasn’t exactly the number I was looking forward to. A 97 degree day and a 5K didn’t exactly mix, but we weren’t missing out on our third 5K at Jack Quinn’s pub in downtown Colorado Springs.

We were excited to get out and run for our weekly Tuesday ritual and when the boys passed us at the start, Courtney and I decided to take it easy and maintain a jog because of the scalding heat. There’s a part of the course that the sun beats directly on and we knew we were dehydrated, so we were perfectly content to take a backseat to Connor and Jordan.

We only have seven more runs left before we get our shirts, and it’s such a great excuse to work out after a long day at the office. The best part was the air conditioning in the car ride home, and the four glasses of apple juice I had once we got back to the OTC to rehydrate! Thankfully, we all made it back just in time for tip-off of the NBA Finals and since the Phils are playing the Rockies, we got to see both games. And, I’ll admit, I missed the entire first quarter of the ballgame to watch the Phillies!

Until our fourth 5K next Tuesday!

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