U.S. Olympic Committee Night at the Sky Sox

Our obligatory intern family picture for USOC Night at the Colorado Springs Sky Sox game.

I love baseball.

There’s something about the baseball diamond and the boys of summer that I absolutely love. The hot dogs and the chants and the game. I’ll never forget my first Astros game at the Astrodome, or the first time I went to Citizens Bank Park and Ryan Madson threw me a ball. I’ll never forget when the Phils won the pennant in ’08 and then the Series a month later. Baseball’s just magical.

We haven’t been short of things to do in Colorado, by any means, and last night was no different. The USOC organized USOC Night at the Sky Sox, the minor league baseball team here in Colorado Springs. We got free tickets and free food, so we weren’t about to turn that down. We had all worked a long day, so we rushed back and left the OTC around 5:45 to head east towards Security Service Field. Danny, Brett, and I were the butt of a few of Bryce’s jokes for wearing our MLB jerseys to a minor league game (the Giants, the Angels, and the Phils, respectively), but we had a blast supporting our teams, anyway.

Comically, it was singles night, so we all enjoyed making jokes about the color-coded leis we received upon walking in. We chowed on hot dogs, burgers, and pulled pork sandwiches before settling into the picnic area and enjoying the game. I’ll be honest, it was a minor league game, so we weren’t paying the best attention, but we were still laughing and making jokes and catching up from our day at work.

We took our obligatory intern family picture and left halfway through the 7th inning to get home in time for the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals game, but we’re determined to go back for Jim Thome and Charlie Manuel bobblehead nights.

We were all interested to see how the Sox would play against the Salt Lake City Bees, since they had lost, we found out, the night before to them 15-3. Thankfully, the Sky Sox had a great game, and with the crazy wind, hit a homer and won the game 9-5.

While I wasn’t thrilled that we came home just to watch LeBron get his ring, a sight I really didn’t want to see anyway, we had fun looking through all the photos from the night and laughing at all the goofy faces. This weekend, we’ve got Olympic Day round 2 and a video shoot, so we’ll be super-busy, but it won’t let up between now and the Games! Only 35 days to go! Can you believe it?!


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