Happy Olympic Day, Team USA

Bri, me, and Kelly showed off our Team USA gear at Olympic Day in the Springs, despite the 99 degree heat! Go Team USA!

Well, as I sit here in the Athlete’s Lounge at the Olympic Training Center, there’s 33 days, 16 hours, and 55 minutes until the Opening Ceremony. And you know I’ve got that countdown memorized.

Today was the kick-off to all those impending celebrations: Olympic Day. Olympic Day is celebrated around the world each year on June 23rd, the date that a Frenchman decided to begin his quest to reinstate the Games, and the date that the first modern Games were held.

Here at the Colorado Springs OTC, we’ve been celebrating for the whole week. On Monday, Connor and I got to stay on complex in the morning and cover the OTC’s Olympic Day, where 250 local children got to meet Olympians and experience different Olympic sports. Connor took pictures and made a phenomenal photo gallery, and I wrote an accompanying article about the day, both featured on the Team USA homepage.

The second Olympic Day event we participated in was the actual Olympic Day festivities over at nearby Memorial Park in the Springs. Ali, Kelly, Jordan, Jimmy, Bri, Courtney, and I volunteered and had an awesome time helping out with the kids. It was such a cool experience to show the kids what the Olympic movement’s all about and so close to the Games! We handed out gold medals to them afterwards, which they absolutely loved, and every one of them walked away with a renewed interest in the Games and the movement, excited to watch our athletes compete in London!

Go Team USA!


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