Backyard Cookout Night

Kelly and Ali, the roomies, took a picture while waiting for the food off the grill at the cookout the interns from Colorado College threw for us last night.

“We figured you guys ate too healthy over there, so we figured we’d bring as much junk food as we could for you!” Emily said as we walked in the door last night.

We eat pretty healthy here at the Olympic Training Center. We’re not Olympians, but we certainly eat like them. And that means ubiquitous healthy, organic food, save the McDonalds soft serve ice cream we really can’t get enough of, especially on Hot Fudge Fridays like today. But that’s really the only thing to satisfy the sweet tooth. And trust me, my sweet tooth is huge.

We’re also not the only interns here. Most of us live here, but there are four interns this semester from nearby Colorado College, who, through a program with their school, intern at the USOC and have the opportunity to go to London for the Games. We don’t see them often, except for the occasional run-in at the downtown office.

In an effort to get to know each other better, they invited us to their house near the CC campus and the OTC for a barbecue. We all jumped on the opportunity, ready to spend an evening off complex at Emily and Andrew’s house. The hot dogs and burgers were wonderful, but spending time with our friends was even better. They leave for London in a little over a week, so it was great to spend the evening with them before they left.

We spent a lot of time singing to country music, discussing Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad, and laughing at each other quite a bit. It was so nice of Emily and Andrew to invite us, and the night was most certainly a success!


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